3D Fan Art WIP

I’m working on 2 fan arts. Both started in zbrush and only one has been moved to blender. I am a better sculptor when it comes to 3D. I can see to do everything but the face in Blender. Yesterday I took my model to topogun for retopology but it didn’t export correctly and the work I’d spent a few hours on was lost. Fortunately I found a video on how to do retopo inside blender and it worked great. Better than it use to so I managed to recover most of what I had done fairly quickly. At first I had the intentions of animating but now my only interest is posing for artistic rendering.

Snap 2015-03-17 at 11.30.14

The only parts I’m not looking forward to is the hair and clothing and even the eyes. I’ve always found anime eyes in 3D to be quite difficult. I won’t say who the fan art is of yet but I will be posting WIP’s along the way. Stay tuned!

Zbrush Update Plus…

Well my daily efforts are dead. The cause? The heat. Simply put. It’s been that odd heat where it’s not warm enough to put the AC but my laptop and tablet suffer. But I will make up for it and start to at least share screencaps.

I’ve decided as well to go back too tool tips and I’m going to start with Toon Boom. The biggest reason I am going to start with Toon Boom is so that if I forget again, I can come back here and re-learn from my own tips. I know it sounds funny but it’s no different to how we learned in high school. Learn something, write it down. I will most certainly be doing photo’s.

Among other things I need to clean up my work area and once I do, I will be doing a sewing walk through like I promised. But first I need a tidy desk and a cool room to do it in.

And that’s pretty much it. I’ve been slaving away learning 2D animation and 2.5D and I think I almost have the hang of 2.5D animation. I’ve mostly been struggling with animating the clouds scrolling by at a natural and peaceful speed.

I’ll also be picking up thisĀ old zbrush model and reworking it and hopefully finish it.

Render Test

The Last Two Days In Zbrush

I upgraded as soon as I found out that the latest Zbrush 4R7 was released and it is certainly worth all the fuss.

Previously, I had avoided any and all media during it’s pre-release incase I got too excited and ended up disappointed when I got it and I am glad I stayed away. Especially concerning a lot of the fan backlash that I still don’t agree with. I simply love it and it’s new features.

Anyway the day yesterday in zbrush I worked on getting use to the new box modelling. I felt stupid because I haven’t used it in months and I couldn’t remember how to smooth so I thought I would mention here for anyone new to zbrush or has forgotten like me, use the Deformation sub palette and use Relax on your box modelling work.

But I am so use to modelling in Blender that I switched to blender as usual and ended up importing my base mesh to play around with. I played around mostly and didn’t save anything. I also got reaquainted with skinning in zbrush.

I made a simple female face and exported it as an obj but I ended up doing nothing with it.

Today I only painted since I’m unwell but I hope to sculpt something. I have found that I can record my progress without crashing now thanks to the 64bit version. So hopefully I will have videos to go with tomorrows post

Zbrush Daily Sculpt Challenge: Can I do It?

I probably can’t but I’m about to try! First up, Darius. I’m going to post how far I got in zbrush and then what I painted over in photoshop. Incase you’re wondering he’s a Vampire from one of my stories.

So below will take you to the full image of the painted over version plus the WIP renders of how far I’ve gotten. I do apologise if it’s too dark for some.