Speed Paintings and Timelapses


This is what I have currently been up to lately. I’ve been reviving a webcomic, catching up on old webcomics and still studying and practising 2D animation. Mostly I’m taking some time off learning to paint and do webcomics. Software used was Clip Paint Studio EX. In all 3 videos.

WIP Comic Page

Just to show I am actually doing something and not all talk because I realise for a week I think I’ve been saying how I’m drawing and then I show nothing so yeah, here’s a screen cap.

The city scape is a screentone so please don’t congratulate me on the city. I was playing with various tones, colouring them, toning them, adding shadows just to see the effects and to learn a bit more about stylizing buildings. Plus I want to keep this webcomic simple. The more simple the more likely I am to post regularly. I am considering posting to drunkduck.com because of what it offers now. I keep changing my mind lately but I will see what happens with the comic before I post elsewhere.

Webcomic Updates and a NEW Webcomic!

Just a few days ago I started up a new webcomic but this one is special because it’s open for co-authors. All artists are accepted. The only requirement is the be registered with smackjeeves.com to make it easier to message rather than email and so you can upload yourself. I toned all of it myself in photoshop. It was a lot of work and I am currently re-working the cover art.

The webcomic is called Lavender Project. I chose that name since most of the main characters have purple hair. It’s manga style and drawing and inked entirely in photoshop. No scanning in, just flat out work in photoshop. I’ve tried the whole scan and edit and it was so frustrating and tedious. That’s all for now. I will give out links later though. I am going to post it to drunkduck.com when I have enough pages because drunkduck.com offers a forum for your webcomic which I think is pretty neat.