Animation Plans

So some of you may know but most may not if you don’t follow me on DeviantART and read my journals but I’ve been hitting it pretty hard with animation. Despite trying hard, the wallet and my PC and laptop can not handle 3D animation. Yes Blender is free, it’s what I use even though I want to be using Max but my RAM and GPU can’t handle it. So recently I opted for 2D frame by frame animation merged with 3D and 2.5D in areas where I can get away with it. But I am back at square one having taken such a long break from it. But I’m not doing to bad. Below is one of my first full colour blinking tests. I am aware of the various errors though. This was more to see if I had enough skill to use cel shade. I’m still on the fence with having shading in my animation. I haven’t fully discovered myself yet with animation.

The second video was my first ever attempt at rain. I know it’s not great but now that I know more about after effects I think if I made the store a 2.5D or 3D scene I could make much better rain. I’m trying to learn how to animate rain with droplets on the ground but I’m having trouble doing it on my own since I’m still very beginner. I have learned an awful lot though. So I’m still pretty happy, just frustrated.

You can check out all of my animations here and in my scraps folder you may find a few very early test animations.

So far my main plans are:

  • Learn Adobe After Effects
  • Learn how to animate better in flash
  • Learn other frame by frame animation techniques

Testing Illustrator CS6

Curiosity got the best of me. So I am about to test out Illustrator CS6. My sights are mainly on the gradient mesh tool. I’ve heard a few good things hear and there about the improvements of the tools and I’m curios. Vector art is something I keep picking up and abandoning as soon as it gets too hard. Something about not being able to smudge gets on my nerves. Probably because I’m more of a digital painter but still I love how crisp and clean vector art can be.

Inkscape is far out of my understanding. It’s so hard I can only manage to screw up so bad that nothing I do matches the tutorials at ALL! I’ve tried Illustrator, I forget about it often. Got use to it but then I took one look at CS6 and felt like I was at square one again. I’m not sure if I like the layout but I do absolutely hate the dark layout. I’m glad you can go back to the classic colours though. If I end up liking it I am thinking about getting a cloud membership.

Etsy Store Update- Royalty Free Items For Sale

For anyone looking for royalty free vector art and patterns, I have finally got some of my own for sale including glossy website buttons. Come check it out if this interests you:

I thought about joining other places but my goodness are they fussy these days. Then I thought why not offer them on my etsy store? I am glad I did. I also added them to my store as well. I’ve made the stock as high quality as possible as well as easy to use and clean so no funny outlines when adding it to your work or website.