Animation Recommendation

This is my personal recommendation. I just want to mention that this is my personal opinion from my own experiences. As a hobbyist animator I have tried almost every single animation program out there. I’ve always wanted to do classic frame by frame animation but doing it traditionally can be very expensive and I switchedContinue reading “Animation Recommendation”

Zbrush Update Plus…

Well my daily efforts are dead. The cause? The heat. Simply put. It’s been that odd heat where it’s not warm enough to put the AC but my laptop and tablet suffer. But I will make up for it and start to at least share screencaps. I’ve decided as well to go back too toolContinue reading “Zbrush Update Plus…”

Animation Plans

So some of you may know but most may not if you don’t follow me on DeviantART¬†and read my journals but I’ve been hitting it pretty hard with animation. Despite trying hard, the wallet and my PC and laptop can not handle 3D animation. Yes Blender is free, it’s what I use even though IContinue reading “Animation Plans”

Animation Goals

During this week I plan also to blog about what I am learning in 2D animation on my own. A lot of what I will do will be tradigital. Paperless frame by frame animation. And yes it will be hard but it will be worth it. I learned enough from youtube, the rest now isContinue reading “Animation Goals”