Zbrush Update Plus…

Well my daily efforts are dead. The cause? The heat. Simply put. It’s been that odd heat where it’s not warm enough to put the AC but my laptop and tablet suffer. But I will make up for it and start to at least share screencaps.

I’ve decided as well to go back too tool tips and I’m going to start with Toon Boom. The biggest reason I am going to start with Toon Boom is so that if I forget again, I can come back here and re-learn from my own tips. I know it sounds funny but it’s no different to how we learned in high school. Learn something, write it down. I will most certainly be doing photo’s.

Among other things I need to clean up my work area and once I do, I will be doing a sewing walk through like I promised. But first I need a tidy desk and a cool room to do it in.

And that’s pretty much it. I’ve been slaving away learning 2D animation and 2.5D and I think I almost have the hang of 2.5D animation. I’ve mostly been struggling with animating the clouds scrolling by at a natural and peaceful speed.

I’ll also be picking up thisĀ old zbrush model and reworking it and hopefully finish it.

Render Test

Delays In Posting

I’ll be blunt. It’s to hot to do what I promised. It’s summer here in Australia and it is either really hot or really humid where I live lately. It’s been so humid too that I can’t use the iron without sweating and frankly I don’t want to do that and sweat on the material.

When will you be updating?

  • When the weather cools and I have new needles

Will you share your patterns for free?

  • Yes, absolutely. My patterns aren’t fancy, they are very basic. Most people would be able to draw it for themselves. I will share a drawn out version that you could copy from or learn from. However, I can’t share one that is printable to scale but I can try. If I do make one to scale digitally I won’t be able to help you get it printed but I could recommend how to go about drawing it yourself on certain types of paper.

Will you be doing any video recordings of your work or tutorials?

  • No sorry. My camera desperately needs a new SD card and unfortunately it has a terrible mic. You’ll just have to live with photo’s or written descriptions but I do apologise for the inconvenience.

Will you be showing your dog modelling the clothes you make for her?

  • Absolutely! She loves her little clothes if they fit well. I recently learned what colours she hates which is funny. You can give her the same outfit in two different colours and the one she hates, she won’t let you put on but the ones she loves, she’ll lift her little arms ready to put it on. She’s so cute.

What will be the first pattern you will share?

  • Honestly I don’t know. It depends on what supplies I have at the time. My current plans are pomeranian sized dog pillow since she likes to use mine but can’t get her little head comfortable I decided to make her her own, pencil case, summer hats, kids hats and even a material basket or bag. It honestly depends on how much material I have and what I will be making. I will definitely be making a hoodie ready for winter but one that is long like a short dress and how to pinch in the hips to make it more flattering for the female figure.

So that’s what’s going on. Hope to see you guys around!

New Posts For The New Year

This year I plan to be mostly posting my sewing adventures WITH photo’s. And all of them as well. Even the things I screwed up and how and why. Might help some, maybe you’ll laugh at it but it’s all in good fun.

Basically I got my mother’s sewing machine and Overlocker. Even though she doesn’t think so I know they are both pushing 10yrs + and have almost never been used. For upsetting reasons. She held onto it with hopes of “One day when I feel better” only better never came, so it’s a very meaningful present to receive this year.

Since I received it I’ve already started practising. Most of the practise was in the form of dog clothes. Yes dog clothes. Because they were small, simple and I had a dog I could use as a model. And bless her hairy little self, she was excited to wear it. Since we got her we have had to keep her trimmed in summer and come winter time it takes a while for it to grow back, so in the short time of the early seasons of autumn and winter she wears shirts. She loves her shirts because of all the praise and attention she gets.

Anyway, long story short I plan to make clothing for me and my family when I get use to the machine and sewing again. I use to when I was younger only now I’m not so restricted in what I can make since it’s now my machine and material isn’t as expensive as it use to be.

I have been asked if I will sell any clothing I make or if I will sell my dog clothes. The short answer is no. My long answer however is that if people liked what I would make I would consider but I would only make custom fitting versions of what I design. I couldn’t simply go for the universal free size because everyone comes in all shapes and sizes. I’d rather make a perfect fit than a disappointing one but it’s a lot of work and isn’t likely that I would get to a selling point. And I am talking about bother people and dog clothes. Dog outfits take a lot more work though and I have no plans to sell them in the near future but things may change, who knows.

So those are my plans for this blog for this year. I hope to see you guys around and hear your opinions. I also think it would be a good idea since I will be able to post what I learn and hopefully having it on my blog, I might remember what not to do next time.

Happy New Year!!