Sonice Academy ANA- In LOVE! Plus Free Pressets

Well to sum up my experience I was so inlove on day one demo I bought it a few hours later šŸ™‚ Money Well spent. Got it working wonderfully in FL Studio and I’ve made a lot of pressets already. One thing I want to say is for those dying for automation, use edison in the meantime and do it manually. Anyway I made some gritty sounding kicks and I love them and I thought why not share them. If you wonder where to put them it’s in FL Studio 10 folder>> Data>> Patches>> Plugin Pressets>> Generators>> Fruity Wrapper- ANA and then you should be able to use these ^w^ Enjoy ā¤

Here’s the link to the pressetsĀ

Also here’s a tiny preview of 2 out of 6 pressetsĀ ANA Bass Example

Miwa’s eStore Now Has Etsy App!!

Image representing Etsy as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Recently I have been making some major updates to my online art store Miwa’s eStore and I recently discovered that I can add my Etsy store straight onto it. So now people don’t need to go to two different sites to shop. Instead they can do everything right from my online store. I haven’t updated my Etsy store in a long time but now I actually feel like it because of this app. It just makes me love and adore even more!!

After I posted my poll on several sites, I also decided to sell some collectable and cute handmade necklaces and charmĀ braceletsĀ of my character Cat Cow, Pavlova and Momo. Cat Cow has really boomed in popularity. There are more fans of the cute little guy than I realised. I hope that I can get the necessary things to make them. I will make them as cheap as I can.

It will be so cute to have them! I would love to wear them myself!! Also, since I will be starting on making them, I was thinking of sculpting as well but on a commission base. I can never make stuff the same way twice so a request for a one of a kind is best.

And that’s about all really. Not much else has been happening. I’ve updated Miwa’s eStore to have drop down menus for better navigation and changed the layout to something nicer and more roomy. It’s looking a lot less cluttered. Also, it’s been loading much better as well ^^