Working On Commissions + Pixel Art

Created by Jason Hise with Maya and Macromedia...

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So I got one commission to finish even though I offered it to be free with me being really unreliable lately. First a nasty arm injury then other personal home life matters and now Christmas rush has started! I don’t like it at all. The traffic is getting fierce. I just want to lock myself up in my room till January when it’s all over.

Anyway I am continuing my pixel things. So far I have made some DA icons but I made them 150×150 that way they are suitable for msn, yahoo and other places with small avatars. Also being even they are easy to down size. But because they are really popular I will have to add them to my list of commissions. Just because they are small doesn’t mean they are easier or any less work. They can be quite difficult to size right and get even proportions. And mistakes are so noticeable when it’s pixel.

Also I am thinking about making pixel adoptables as well as some more bases for dressing up by others. I use to make adoptables but the site was always crashing and I gave up. That was 2yrs ago and now I am interested again the site has been down for about 2 weeks now. So I was wondering any suggestions for adoptable pixel sites I could post to that isn’t animal creature only. Not that I don’t make creatures, I was just hoping to make cute foods that evolve etc as well as cool human like things.

And that’s about it really. I’ll slowly be working on a new tutorial. Recording now isn’t the problem as far as Vlogs go it’s editing them now so there probably won’t be art videos for quite sometime now sorry. But I’ll try.

Today I Bring You Pixel Dolls FREE

So I have been thinking about making pixel dolls for a while now. Many like to draw on clothes and dress them or use them in games etc. I hardly ever see a buff guy though, usually a lot of seme and uke types for yaoi and shounen-ai pixel doll manga’s online. Or I see the skinny adorable ones for shoujo stuff. Anyway, all that aside I decided to make some for free and commercial use.

Steal the, eat them, whatever just have fun with them ^w^ Of course I would love credit where credit is due but it’s not necessary. Also I would absolutely adore to see what you can make with them! Also feel free to edit or alter in anyway you want. Chop of the heads and replace with a new one, whatever you want!

Before I forget I used GraphicsGale to make these dolls. I used the freeware version and turned the grid on and off to align everything. I tried to record it but I had no success. Great program btw. Excellent use for RPG Maker VX and XP. If I had $25 I’d buy the full program.