Sonic Academy ANA Synth- Fixed The CPU Issue- ANA is Amazing!

FL Studio

FL Studio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A mastery in a title that sums up a post. I tried out ANA and had to buy it. I had it for one afternoon. It’s replaced Toxicbio hazzard for most parts. My only issue is crashing while going through the pressets but if you save in increments it’s not that bad. I saw in the forum that there’s updates coming, I can wait. It’s that good, the bugs don’t bother me. Anyway moving along.

The main problem I had was eating CPU BUT stupid me, it was a incredibly easy fix. In FL Studio I went to Options >> Audio Options. I went to Buffering and brought it all the way down to 47ms. Mine was on 97!! That is so high! No wonder it lagged so bad whenever I’d play with synths. Once I brought that down to my liking, not a problem at all. It’s running really smoothly and sounds amazing! Mostly I love the variety in the sounds and the sounds you can make! Finally I don’t have to aim for Refx nexus any more. It has for me personally all types of trance sounds I adore and beautiful pads. Enough to make you drool.

Installation was odd. On vista, installed great. On windows 7, it went to the same place, installed the same but FL Studio couldn’t find it. So I have to cut and paste it in to FL Studio’s VST folder, found it, works great. I’ve had this problem before on Window 7 though.

But I am happy! I’m sooooooooooo happy I found this! I’m going to have to flood my blog with all the annoying things I plan to make XD