Dual Booting Linux

English: Screenshot of Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lyn...

English: Screenshot of Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) Netbook Edition after booting from the live CD. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I kept having one error over and over again. I tried on my external drive with one PC and then the other but same issue. It kept asking for a windows back up so I thought, why not format the partition? I did so and voila! Problem solved, linux installed straight away, no issues and it was up and running within minutes.

I Fixed My Skype

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I know this seems like it’s not art related but it is. Here is the short version of the story. My skype died and I was very unhappy. Why? Because I use to stream privately to good friends. Some for tutorial purposes others just to mess around, chat and both of us be drawing at the same time and having some good old fun. Well, for a while now I couldn’t fix the problem. On an unrelated search I found this article. Completely solved my problem!!


I got to the login stage then it would die either immediately or I would think yes it’s working then I would get, windows has detected an error and will notify you with a solution shortly, only I never got that solution. I’m posting it here in case it may help someone else.