Girls- Home made Facial Care Recipe

a cup of sencha Deutsch: eine schale sencha Fr...

a cup of sencha Deutsch: eine schale sencha Français : Une tasse de thé vert Sencha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Painful pimples that you can’t get rid off and oily skin, but you use a product and get dried out? There’s only one home made recipe I’ve worked out that soothes, gets rid of and clears oily skin without drying you out comepletely and your face or where ever the problem area is, like back or something,  feels better and smoother.

Ground oatmeal/porridge 1/3 cup
teaspoon of honey or a tablespoon if the mix is larger [honey sooths]
Cinnamon [optional, also for soothing and healing]
Cocoa powder 1 teaspoon or half if it’s pure.
1 tea cup of boiled and ground up Sencha green tea, let sit till warm.

Place all dried ingredients together and mix. Put honey in the hot tea and mix through. Let the hot tea cool down to a warm comfortable temperature.
Next, mix slowly a bit at a time the tea into the dry mix until it becomes a thick yet moist paste. When it has become a paste apply and leave on either for 20minutes or until dry. This is a once a week recipe or once a month because the oats are quite drying if you do it every day.

If you need more relief from painful acne then u can mix honey and cinnamon powder into a paste and use that as much as u like for soothing and healing.

Works every time.

Also just green tea and oatmeal seems to be very effective for really bad pimples caused by hormones. The recipe seems to work ok on men but tends to work better on girls. I’m not sure why but out of research and finding out how most of us girls pimples come about because of menstruation and hormones, it’s probably got a big factor to do with why this works better on women.

Feeling Under The Weather? Green Tea and Lemon Juice!

Matcha Tea or green tea powder

Matcha Tea or green tea powder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m feeling ill this last week but one thing I like better than the old fashion hot lemon juice and honey remedy is green tea, lemon and honey and if I feel like the added taste a dash of cinnamon. I like the added health benefits of green tea and I prefer matcha green tea, the honey soothes and the acid in the lemon breaks down the phlem. I usually make myself a pot since I love hot drinks and get a rather rapid relief from this blend. I also like the effects of cinnamon when lightly added. I find a home made hot drink of lemon is much to strong for me which is why I like it blended in with green tea plus green tea along is good for a cold.

Putting the two cold fighters together along with the sooth of honey, much tastier than having nothing at all. I also think that how often I get sick and had to use cough drops, might have had a big role in my tooth decay. Plus the high sugar, it just wasn’t very good for me at all or my weight. So now if I can’t have this tea blend, sugarless cough drops. The other good thing about this blend is that it’s diabetic friendly. But in saying that you can only have a teaspoon of honey not a huge heaping. I put one teaspoon for my whole pot and my mother can help me drink it and she’s diabetic. I usually make most of my things diabetic friendly so she can have some or help me finish things off. The flavour is evenly distributed and I don’t get a sugar hit as opposed to adding a spoon of honey per cup.

In the past with getting the flu and various other viruses, I have found cough drops to make me more sick because of the sugar hit. Now that I am older I’ve been finding the old remedies to be the best but to I am glad I don’t get as sick as I use to when I was a child. Now out of curiosity, what remedies do you use when you’re sick? Home made chicken soup? Other things not mentioned? Post a comment, I’d love to hear about it. I use to get my mum to make home made veggie soup. Always made me feel better and it was the only thing I could stomach.