Slow Cook Tea Warmer Recipes

Tea warmer + Ramekin + nice smelly ingredients = Long lasting air freshener A strange post I know but about two years ago I looked up “Slow Cooker Air Freshener”. I love the smell of slow cooker food and I had an idea for an essential oils blend version. This was where I first sawContinue reading “Slow Cook Tea Warmer Recipes”

Household Cleaning Tip: Denture Pills

Even though this sounds strange it works. I thought where better to share than my WordPress blog. The other day I had to clean my range hood. You know those fans above your oven, they get pretty grimy. Well I got around to cleaning the fan cover. I had no baking soda. I tried soapyContinue reading “Household Cleaning Tip: Denture Pills”

Almond Milk Chai Late Recipe

So I’ve been experimenting with almond milk. Looking for an alternative to milk and soy milk. I love soy but not so much so for coffee. Then I discovered this love blend in the kitchen. I have a bullet blender style blender but a cheaper but still good version of it with full sized milkshakeContinue reading “Almond Milk Chai Late Recipe”