Given Up On Autodesk Getting Use To Blender

Well as finances get worse and worse I’ve finally lost all hope on saving money towards getting Autodesk Maya. The prices seem to be getting higher and higher but what bothers me most is this:

Australian store Maya $6000-7000

USA store Maya $3000-4000


It’s now gotten so far out of my budget that Autodesk software officially costs more than a second hand car.

I’ll admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve used Blender but with the releases for 2.6 the navigation has gotten a lot more user friendly and easier to use. I never thought I’d get comfortable in Blender but I did. I managed to get cosy with it. And that was the final straw so to speak. Autodesk prices went to high and Blender became more efficient. Whenever my finaces improve I will surely be donating to blender and buying a few things on their store.

I use to find blender so hard to use. My biggest issue use to be getting textures to just do what I wanted but later I realised it was a bug. Now it’s gone far beyond my expectations. I also never thought that I’d fall in love with Blender but it’s happening. Slowly  but surely, I’m starting to love it and use it with more ease. However Metasequoia is still my modelling favourite.

Eventually when I get past the practising stages I’ll share something worth while and then when I get around to building my game I’ll post some screen caps of the progress here.

Blender Shape Keys Test

This is as far as I got with modeling and using shape keys. I wanted to make something to play with shape keys so I made an almost mask like model. It was fun and much easier than I thought it was going to be. I made these with blender 6.63 and made the eye texture quickly in paint tool sai. The rest is blender. The outline was done in blender and so was all the rendering. Still finding a skin and lighting that I like as well but so far so good. Tomorrow I will be smoothing that egg head and putting in eye lashes.

Art Rage (not the program) And Discoveries

So, after a long time of painting I realised it was a one layer painting. I was somewhat enraged but fortunately it doesn’t matter to the person I am drawing for. I just get really annoyed when I want to go back and edit things and that kind of thing happens…

Anyway, as far as discoveries go, I FINALLY worked out how to rig in blender. I can rig in everything else but blender. I found out today that I was just missing one tiny yet important step and it was so simple to set up and now it all works! All this time I have been in the hair pulling out stage and the issue was simple. But then again I blame the tutorials for skipping such a basic step. It might be obvious to other beginners and intermediates but not to the very beginner like me. So there goes a lot of stress and not I can finally keep moving forward. It was definitely the big culprit in making me stop doing 3D. Maybe later in the week when I get the spare time I might build up a model and pose it.

3D Progress- Using Metasequoia

I love Metasequoia and the other day I finally managed to purchase it for myself. I am so happy and pleased with myself for finally getting around to it. Personally I enjoy it way more than Blender. I like the ways you can model and how it’s possible to model similar to Hexagreat. For the first time my face modelling isn’t looking like crap.

Blender is great, don’t get me wrong but my models turned out either horrendously ugly, bad proportions OR worse yet, just when I’d get to the good part, render or export it crashed and sometimes it would crash so badly that the file would be completely corrupted and nothing could be salvaged. I always end up giving up on Blender 3D. If I had money I would buy Autodesk 3Ds max. I love their products even Maya. Heck I’d buy both if I had that kind of cash but I don’t.

But hands down, Metasequoia is easy to use and you’re just more likely to get your models to look how you want them to look. I constantly went back to Metasequoia LE edition and I’d try the new shareware when it comes out but it’s quickly replaced Blender for me and I don’t think I will be going back. However I do like the look of Shade 12 Basic. I am about to try out a trial right now. At the moment all I am missing is a bone rigging program to pose my models because right now I just want to make art with my 3D models a lot like a photo manipulation in a way. Hard to describe. Anyway long story short it has motivated me to get my but in gear with art commissions to try and buy Shade 12 basic.

Lately to I have wanted to share my 3D modelling progress and I have been doing so on DA but I feel here is more appropriate. I am more comfortable posting this kind of thing to my personal blog and I feel I can talk more freely and honestly about how I feel about what I am doing.

To the side here is a screencap of just one of many fail toon shade attempts. This one I used Warabi MP plugin. Can NOT work out how to dim or change the white intensity. I don’t like it on the cheeks like that. I want something… less wet looking lol. My other tests in CelsView have been quite good though and Vidro renderings came out well too. Better than I expected actually.

I chose anime to model first. Later I find out it’s one of the harder faces to model and for very good and logical reasons lol. As you can tell I was lacking logic in my choice. But learning from my mistakes seems to help me more than never making mistakes ;D

Anyway I have wanted to get into 3D modelling for a few years now for one main and seemingly silly reason. It’s cheaper than buy clay to make sculptures. Sculptures I’d never be able to sell and make back what was spent. I REALLY very badly want to model my semi-realism/anime style and pose and turn into art. I can’t explain why. I’d love to make it a game to but one my own it is surely impossible. But mainly I just want to make art or really stupid animations for my own enjoyment.

Self taught 3D was something that use to be really daunting and hard as well. I’d get so frustrated to the point of tears. But as I slept my mind would slow down and soak in what I read and in the morning I’d be able to try again and things would work. Funnily enough for the times where I spent a year of leaving it behind me the information remained. Now I have some new found motivation and I remember almost everything I am much happier making 3D models. They are turning out well, I am understanding the program and what everything is called where as before nothing stuck, it was just to much. I really did believe 3D was going to be too hard to do. But after I put the negative thoughts aside, did some study and read probably a thousand tutorials I’m finally getting it and getting somewhere.

So to sum this post up I am happily working once again on 3D. I also plan to remodel some very old and terrible models.















Blender + Sculptris + Wings3D + Google Sketchup + Poser Debut + Anime Studio

That’s what I’ve been up to. Using them all to do various things and animation. I discovered that I can import objects and poser scenes into anime studio pro 8. I’ve been using blender as well to model and I’m going to try to animate in it. I found out that using weld in Wings3D will help make blender objects import better into sculptris. And yeah.

I’ve always liked google sketch up but now that I have anime studio I am now able to build my set and animate in 2D with a 3D room and it’s much easier. I won’t be sharing the animation for a long time though. I’m no where near good enough yet but I am studying up for it all on my lonesome. I thought that it’s been a while since I’ve shared anything so I am here to share some sculptris sculptures and blender things I’ve been making.

And that’s what I have been up to and migraines are kind of holding me down a lot. Haven’t been to well but I’ll get better ^w^

Working On Commissions + Pixel Art

Created by Jason Hise with Maya and Macromedia...

Image via Wikipedia

So I got one commission to finish even though I offered it to be free with me being really unreliable lately. First a nasty arm injury then other personal home life matters and now Christmas rush has started! I don’t like it at all. The traffic is getting fierce. I just want to lock myself up in my room till January when it’s all over.

Anyway I am continuing my pixel things. So far I have made some DA icons but I made them 150×150 that way they are suitable for msn, yahoo and other places with small avatars. Also being even they are easy to down size. But because they are really popular I will have to add them to my list of commissions. Just because they are small doesn’t mean they are easier or any less work. They can be quite difficult to size right and get even proportions. And mistakes are so noticeable when it’s pixel.

Also I am thinking about making pixel adoptables as well as some more bases for dressing up by others. I use to make adoptables but the site was always crashing and I gave up. That was 2yrs ago and now I am interested again the site has been down for about 2 weeks now. So I was wondering any suggestions for adoptable pixel sites I could post to that isn’t animal creature only. Not that I don’t make creatures, I was just hoping to make cute foods that evolve etc as well as cool human like things.

And that’s about it really. I’ll slowly be working on a new tutorial. Recording now isn’t the problem as far as Vlogs go it’s editing them now so there probably won’t be art videos for quite sometime now sorry. But I’ll try.

New Photoshop Brush Posted

Image representing as depicted in C...

Image via CrunchBase

I have posted a new photoshop brush, just one for say on of my watercolour brush that I made and use for almost everything and most if not all my blending in my art. You can see it here:

In my last post you can see the brush in action but this video shows it in use much better and on a bigger area.

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