The Chamomile Experiment Begins!

I’ve been waiting for two things to start:

  1. A bag of real herbal Chamomile tea, flower heads and all
  2. Spring to hit a bit harder
  3. Money to buy seedling trays so I can grow other things

So I am declaring either today or tomorrow afternoon my official start to my experiment. I mentioned this in a previous post Can You Grow Chamomile From Teabags? I discovered it is possible apparently to do so, according to a video posted on YouTube but this is the internet and not all information is right. However the organic Chamomile will definitely yield results as it clearly has seeds in it. I think I have Roman and German Chamomile but I am not entirely sure so if I find out which one I have I will make sure to add that bit of info.

I will most likely just update this one post here as I go along which would make it an incredibly HUGE post that is image heavy. So if you are interested in this journey, it will be long and slow so bookmark this post and check back in a week to a few weeks.