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I have had one plesant transaction that was genuine and 9 refunds and the sellers got very rude and not wanting to give back my money even though I caught them selling pirated software. One incident was so bad I am glad I had the forsight to take screencaps but the seller is still selling pirated software! They were only ask and only removed one of their pirated wares. More annoyingly at least six or so times I was sold software with a kegenerator which I immediately got rid of, got a refund and reported them for it. BUT the annoyance is that they have a 99% seller rating with a lot of sellers saying thanks for the software it works great so I thought surely this is a legitimate seller but no. Either the buyers are really silly or happy with their pirate ware.

One seller went so far as to give me a one star rating saying I was a bad buyer and don’t sell to me. But my ebay with 100% positive from sellers will tell you otherwise. I know they were just burned for getting into trouble though and it doesn’t bother me none if they do bad mouth me because when the facts are laid down on the table it’s hard to ignore whom is really in the wrong. My point is, don’t read the feedback on iOffer as a way to gauge how reliable the seller is, it’s useless. It’s not moderated as well as it should be and it’s not as strict as ebay and there’s a lot of program piracy going on. As far as online shopping goes, stick to ebay and amazon and like me, never ever buy anything without paypal. EVER! Or you probably won’t get your money back if you catch them doing you wrong.

One refund was refused, I reported them they said hahahahaha good luck getting your money back so I went straight to paypal. Got my money back after 1-2weeks through paypal and they’re in hot water with them. So back at you, hahaha.

Not saying ioffer is a bad place, I am saying that it could be more strict and do more research into sellers they catch with pirated software. In fact it’s the only place I can still buy a laptop charger from for my oldie laptop at a good price and fast shipping. What I am saying is, if it looks too good to be true it probably is, and don’t rely on the seller rating. I think a lot of it is falsified though, which is just my opinion from my experiences there. But I am very annoyed with many sellers there.

Many others have had great experiences and I say good for you but for those of us who have had multiple bad experiences, it’s not so great a site. The part I hate most is the seller is who you ask for a refund and if the seller says no the site supports the sellers decision. It takes days of arguing before you can get your money back especially if the seller is pissed off at you. Took me moments though. When ioffer didn’t help and only unlisted the item, I bypassed them and went to paypal and got my cash back. So my advice? Use paypal for all online purchases and go through paypal for a refund!

I am however interested in other user experiences, good or bad. Would anyone else like to share their thoughts? I have tried looking for reviews about ioffer and turned up little and lately I am seeing a lot more bloggers complaining of scams. It would be lovely to hear some good things or just other opinions about it. has a lot of potential but if it wants to be great it needs a lot of work and to really up their game in buyer and seller support!

Each time I have been hit with pirated software, I have messaged the seller back saying please give me a refund I am offended that you have sold me pirated software, got rid of it and did all the virus scans etc. Most were nice about it and didn’t deny it, but some were rude and willing to fight me saying it was legal and that I was just a bad buyer and a bad person. Key generators are NOT legal! Sadly there is only one way to find out if the seller is or isn’t selling legal items on iOffer, and that is to buy it or hopefully google search the item and seller and hopefully someone else out there was brave enough to complain about it. However for the other buyers knowingly buying this software and leaving positive feedback, that’s not good, it’s not right and you can get into a lot of trouble for aiding them and using those illegal items.

For older shoppers that aren’t tech savy or even young shoppers, if you receive a key generator also known as a keygen, immediately get rid of it. A lot of them are very dangerous viruses but they are illegal and to use one to hack software is very illegal. Do not be fooled by the seller. Do not fall for their words telling you that it is legal because it’s not and report them to the appropriate people.

That’s the end of my little compaint or rather rant.