Manga Magazine Submissions: Now Accepting

I am starting up a manga/comic magazine called Digital Heart. It will accept creators of all skill levels and the detailed and submission form can be found here:

I wanted to make this for a long time now and I finally gathered enough help to get things rolling. This is fairly open minded and I really hope that it does well. I plan to feature tutorials as well as writers. Not just all comic’s. I’m also willing to allow people to place ads for $0.50 per banner in the zine.

Inking In Manga Studio vs MangaLabo

MangaLabo beats Manga Studio hands down in speed and flow. ML flows as amazingly as Easy Paint Tool Sai. Manga Studio on the other hand has a very high ink line correction controls. MangaLabo has some correction that is good enough for the regular shakey hand but it could have a little more. But I’m not complaining. It’s still amazingly high powered with half the lag of Manga Studio. Either way they are both amazing and excellent programs. But MangaLabo is worth checking out. Definite try before you buy.

So here’s a quicky ink and tone fan art of my Saints Row 2 character mod of Boss and Carlos. Because I love Carlos T^T ❤