Zemanta The Wonder Plugin

I wouldn’t consider this a review but more bragging about how much zemanta has helped push my blog into view. I tried ALL the wordpress traffic suggestions. I commented blogs, left links, banner exchange, links in comments, spam, you name it. Nothing worked and I couldn’t get views except for 4 from twitter and occasionally one from facebook. I tagged appropriately, I used SEO, everything to get a blog seen, images, well written posts, flawless spelling, the works. Nothing. No followers not even a follow back. Then one day wordpress was like hey try out Zemanta. So I did.

No I refuse to run a wordpress without Zemanta. It’s brought me about 1000 views in a month with daily blogging. Often up for 40 or more views a day. It suggests links to place in my posts, wiki links, home page links, tags, free images to beautify my blog plus linking to related posts that actually get accepted and link back to me! It didn’t matter who I contacted, no one would link back to me. I could never get anyone to put me in a related post. Zemanta pfft it’s at the click of a button and it works. I have followers now that ACTUALLY comment and I enjoy talking to them. Some I follow back even with their amazing writting. It’s changed blogging for me. It got me seen and an audience. I don’t feel like I am wasting my breath. I’ve even managed to help some people through email tutoring on some programs I’ve blogged about.

I LOVE ZEMANTA! It is the BEST plugin around and it is definitely the BEST at getting you free traffic that is targeted and not spam. I recommend using it. It’s free. Actually it’s so good, I’d pay for it and I usually would rather do something myself than resort to paying. For the posts  am lazy with and don’t use zemanta I get 1 view of all time. When I do use it my lowest view is 15 and my highest is 400+ in one day. So if you’re a struggling blogger and really want to get followers and seen without being scammed for buying a $50 scam SEO ebook that doesn’t help and you could probably find for free on a torrent site anyway to find out it doesn’t work then I suggest zemanta because it really is amazing.

This also is my opinion from personal experience. I’ve had this blog… since 2009. I’ve turned it on and off. Deleted posts. Reinvented it many times thinking it wasn’t interesting enough. 2yrs I only have 50 views, I got zemanta installed and it was in the hundreds in no time. Then shortly after that it was in the thousands views and I started to get comments from real readers and real followers. It’s easy to use. And if you don’t like it, it’s no real loss because it’s free to use. So give it ago and get your blog some love.