Wow! 4 Years!!

I’ve been a member on WordPress for 4 years now! That’s amazing. I’ve never kept a blog so long. Nor have I enjoyed a blogging website as much as WordPress. Every now and then I wander away and try other blogs but I continue to come back to WordPress. My blog has served me well here. I do everything from Art to 3D and tutorials to rambling about life and cooking. I think it’s official, WordPress is my home.

Vlog Delay For Tegaki E Tutorial

Windows Live Movie Maker

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Sorry to say this, but the new video will be delayed. When I was a sentence away from finishing the video tutorial, Windows Live Movie Maker crashed. Three attempts later the same thing. Then it crash while saving so I am going to run repairs on it and anything else that is interfering and see how that goes. Very sorry for the delay but if I had anything better to work with then I would surely use it but this is all I’ve got to use for now.