Blender + Sculptris + Wings3D + Google Sketchup + Poser Debut + Anime Studio

That’s what I’ve been up to. Using them all to do various things and animation. I discovered that I can import objects and poser scenes into anime studio pro 8. I’ve been using blender as well to model and I’m going to try to animate in it. I found out that using weld in Wings3DContinue reading “Blender + Sculptris + Wings3D + Google Sketchup + Poser Debut + Anime Studio”


Ah what a wonderful start to the year! Things are looking up for me already and I had a wonderful start. A miserable ending with a beautiful beginning! I hope all of you are doing well in the new year! This year is year of the Dragon which has me excited because I am yearContinue reading “HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!”

Today I Bring You Pixel Dolls FREE

So I have been thinking about making pixel dolls for a while now. Many like to draw on clothes and dress them or use them in games etc. I hardly ever see a buff guy though, usually a lot of seme and uke types for yaoi and shounen-ai pixel doll manga’s online. Or I seeContinue reading “Today I Bring You Pixel Dolls FREE”