Zbrush Daily Sculpt Challenge: Can I do It?

I probably can’t but I’m about to try! First up, Darius. I’m going to post how far I got in zbrush and then what I painted over in photoshop. Incase you’re wondering he’s a Vampire from one of my stories. So below will take you to the full image of the painted over version plusContinue reading “Zbrush Daily Sculpt Challenge: Can I do It?”

Anime Face Modelling in Blender

A shortened video of me modelling the base for my 3D anime character. I’ve since then modeled much more details. I’ll be posting some progress shots in my next blog post. Related articles Free Blender Cookie Tutorial on Modeling for 3D Printing with Shapeways #3dthursday (adafruit.com) Newly Launched Blenderreviews101.com – The Best and Complete ResourceContinue reading “Anime Face Modelling in Blender”

I started on a new 3D face but this one is a more serious attempt and I am having loads of fun with it. I managed to to a snap off the current wip with a toon shade look in metasequoia. I used just the Rendering under File. Second picture, still all in metasequoia isContinue reading