Switching To Modo



My switch to Modo already looks far more attractive. I have ALL THE TOOLS I HAVE EVER WANTED IN ONE PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m subbing and for as long as I can. Sad part is trying to DL the content is incredibly difficult. It keeps throwing a network error and I have to restart the whole process.

The transition has been quiet easy really. The only things I am finding hard is flipping normals and aligning them but I am slowly getting used to it and finding out where they are. UVing is SO easy that I found it hard because I over complicated it. And I find that funny. It used to be such a hassle before.


All round I am loving it! I also can’t get over the retopology tools. I like them more than 3D Coat’s retopo tools!


Modo is also so fast. Even rendering is quite fast. Especially when compared to others *cough*Blender*coughcough*


I think the biggest thing I hated about Blender was the “Holier than thou” attitude for using freeware and then do nothing to help you or mock you for not knowing. The Modo community seems far nicer so far and most of the questions you need to know are already thoroughly answered and still relevant to the current version (Current version being 11.03).


Anyway, bottom line is I am much happier. And I’ve been working on this since I downloaded the trial. I’m soon working on some 3D assets for Clip Studio Paint.