Commission Info

For abusing my art and being verbally abusive towards me, commissions are permanently closed! The experience has been less than worthwhile. The low pay is not worth the amount of work and effort that goes into each work. Please don’t even bother to ask for a commission or animation and if you ask for free work you will be ignored. I have bills as well. I also eat as well. If you desperately want me then please pay me appropriately and be patient!

If you want me for animation work, I am a solo artist, it can take months or years working on my own and the price tag is easily 1K+ but I prefer not to work as a freelance animator due to stress and harassment. As for 3D each model is $800 unrigged and untextured. Texturing costs $500, $250 for each added on texture, so choose wisely and think hard. Save up, but don’t bother haggling. It’s non-negotiable.

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