Tired of the Now

So I was watching some Depeche Mode and came across this. I was born in 1988 so I’m not really that familiar with them. I went to check them out because of a joke made in an episode of American Dad. I enjoyed it a lot actually. I’ve grown tired of the music of todayContinue reading “Tired of the Now”

Girls- Home made Facial Care Recipe

Painful pimples that you can’t get rid off and oily skin, but you use a product and get dried out? There’s only one home made recipe I’ve worked out that soothes, gets rid of and clears oily skin without drying you out comepletely and your face or where ever the problem area is, like backContinue reading “Girls- Home made Facial Care Recipe”

Blender + Sculptris + Wings3D + Google Sketchup + Poser Debut + Anime Studio

That’s what I’ve been up to. Using them all to do various things and animation. I discovered that I can import objects and poser scenes into anime studio pro 8. I’ve been using blender as well to model and I’m going to try to animate in it. I found out that using weld in Wings3DContinue reading “Blender + Sculptris + Wings3D + Google Sketchup + Poser Debut + Anime Studio”


Ah what a wonderful start to the year! Things are looking up for me already and I had a wonderful start. A miserable ending with a beautiful beginning! I hope all of you are doing well in the new year! This year is year of the Dragon which has me excited because I am yearContinue reading “HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!”