Tegaki E Tutorial

First off, this is not the absolute way to do this, it’s merely how I do things and if you want to do it my way to. I’m not saying it’s the right way or the best way but you may find some use in the tips I have. Tools you will need: A graphicContinue reading “Tegaki E Tutorial”

Vlog Delay For Tegaki E Tutorial

Sorry to say this, but the new video will be delayed. When I was a sentence away from finishing the video tutorial, Windows Live Movie Maker crashed. Three attempts later the same thing. Then it crash while saving so I am going to run repairs on it and anything else that is interfering and seeContinue reading “Vlog Delay For Tegaki E Tutorial”

Upcoming Video Tutorial: Tegaki E

This is just a little shameless promotion of my latest picture that I made on Tegaki E ^____________^ I know there are a few video’s on this already but to often I see people making tutorials without explaining anything, as if by merely seeing it in super high speed theĀ audienceĀ is just expected to instantly understandContinue reading “Upcoming Video Tutorial: Tegaki E”