GHD Hair Dryer

A while ago now I had a dangerous moment with a cheap hair dryer. Not my first time either. It was catching on fire. The amount of money I have spent on cheap to middle range hair dryers I could have bought two GHD hair dryers.

Despite cleaning it as best I could, it was a pointless battle because the element inside was overheating to quickly and not drying my hair and making my hair frizzy.

One of the reasons why I wanted a GHD hair dryer was specifically because I knew the filter on the back was removeable and it’s easy to take care of. Plus the fact that it promises less frizz with ionic technology which I quickly researched before buying as well as reading reviews. I specifically bought this one:

GHD Air Hair Dryer

First thing I noticed, it was surprisingly light compared to my old hair dryer and significantly smaller. I am a small woman (5ft exactly) so my arms are short and finding a powerful dryer that I can actually used on the back of my head is a HUGE deal.

Second thing I noticed, there was a definite reduction in frizz. I also bought the diffuser attachment since I have natural ringlets and I wanted to try it out. I tend to only dry my hair between 60 to 90% dry to not just reduce frizz but encourage my curls to curl fully. If I got 100% I get 100% frizz and fluff and damage. When I blow dry my hair straight however I go almost 100% but I make sure to use a good quality heat protectant, finishing spray and ends serum, preferably an ends serum with heat protection. Below are three images of my hair after straightening or using a diffuser to dry my natural curls which last all week long. Something I never thought would ever happen. These days though from hair dye damage I have wavy hair but I am not complaining because honestly, it’s far easier to manage now.

My hair is a jerk and will not straighten on the ends like a straightener but straighteners are too damaging to my hair and I had to give it up. My ends curl 60’s Archie comics style by day two. I unfortunately do not have a photo of this. You’ll have to trust me on it. But as you can see in the first photo my ends have a curl to it. I can assure you that I tried very hard to curl them inwards in a gentle curve before i gave up. I was happy with the results though. It did look very nice on my very damaged hair.

It curls like this for two reasons, it’s naturally curly and resists straightening and the way it sits of my shoulders moulds it into a new shape. Every hairdresser says they can do it and show me tricks and every single one has failed to achieve it and has been either flabbergasted or too proud to apologise and admit I am right that it’s next to impossible. 10 minutes after they are done, it starts.

It doesn’t look bad, I just hate it. I also hate it because it’s asymmetrical. One side curves in, the other out and it does it perfectly. People ask me how I did it and I have to frustrate them and tell them the truth that it does it on it’s own. I stopped fighting it and accepted it, but that doesn’t mean I like it. It does help one someone gives a nice comment once in a while though. I am trying to change how I feel about it but I have a lot of other reasons as to why I hate my curls and waves.

My ends just do not want to straighten without damaging levels of heat. And even then it only lasts almost 48 hours before it tries to revert. My fringe/bangs are also resistant to straightening with blow drying too and it’s probably got a lot to do with the high humidity levels where I live, but even anti humidity sprays can’t help.

Anyway, mild rant aside, compared to every hair dryer outside a salon, I have never been able to get smooth results at home until I bought this particular hair dryer. I am of course a fan of GHD products. I like their support and warranty and garuntee and gunine product identification. I always register my products with GHD to make sure it’s genuine and my warranty is valid.

Compared to salon hair dryers, it’s the same quality. I just lack the skills of a professional for those final touches. I suppose that will come with more use and practise. I will admit, because of how crappy my hair driers were, I was an avid air dryer. What I was using was damaging, over drying, heavy and frizz magnifying. And I get sick easily so air drying isn’t always an option so it made me hesitant to use a dryer much.

I have noticed that even drying only my roots when it’s summer or I am lazy (I have sever heyfever allergies and air drying my hair is a trigger) My GHD doesn’t cause the frizz I used to get when compared to other driers. The insane volume is the same though and it’s quite funny to look at.

My hair drying time has been cut dramatically. My old dryer could take 30 minutes plus on shoulder length hair. Which isn’t as long as it sounds because of being a small woman and having a somewhat short neck. It should only take between 5 to 15 minutes depending on my hair density at the time and styling. I usually have high density hair but I used OrganiCare hair shampoo and conditioner twice and my hair started falling out in literal fist fulls which led me to finding a disturbing number of reviews claiming actual baldness for their ENTIRE family!

I am horrified it took these people 4 and 6 MONTHS to figure out it was the shampoo. It’s about 8 months later and my hair has stopped falling out in large amounts and is back to almost normal shedding. Very scary. Very thinned out however my hair was so high density the lack of hair has been a good thing for my scalp. It gets too heavy to wear simple ponytails when it gets past my shoulders. Also yay me for growing out a pixie cut successfully for the first time in over 5 years.

Which leads me to my next point. My old or even new cheap driers, when it would over dry it would increase shedding and breakage. I get none of that with GHD as it should be!

The medium heat setting is great but occasionally I use the cool shot button if it’s feeling a little too hot. Because I am so small sometimes I can’t get the dryer in the right position and it’s just to hot on my neck or scalp because it’s slipped out of position from my brush. The cool shot button works very fast. My old dryer had a cool shot button which I ended up using the entire time. I am not sure but I think I have a cool setting as well on my GHD but I don’t use it enough to be certain without checking it. A cool setting is always useful to me with using a diffuser. Some days it’s better to dry with a cool setting on my natural curly/wavy hair verses straightening with heat. I have tried drying it straight with cool air and it’s just so pointless. I just end up with fluffy grandma hair.

I bought my GHD Air hair dryer last year in September. I have dusted it ONCE since I’ve had it. It’s very clean and doesn’t suck up a huge amount of dust like my past driers. It’s cut my drying time down significantly and I suppose with more practise that will become even quicker still.

One last thing I want to touch on is the cord length. It’s 3 meters long.

Absolute perfection.

I can plug it in, walk over to my dresser and still have enough could to dry my hair and manoeuvre about. Something that was very difficult to do with other dryers. I always had to go to the bathroom and some genius that designed the bathroom has placed the power point almost or about 6 feet up… It’s hard to reach properly and I have a cramped bathroom with nowhere to place my dryer. Well nowhere safe that is, so I prefer drying in my room. A decent cord length was always a problem.

I highly recommend the GHD Air hair dryer if you are looking for a dryer that’s:

  • Not to heavy with a good grip
  • Powerful
  • Reduces frizz
  • Reduces drying time
  • Easy to store with it’s hook holder on the base of the dryer
  • Easy to use
  • Has a long cord
  • Has a cool shot button
  • Comes with two nozzle attachments that are easy to adjust (diffuser sold separately)

As a home user, I really love this hair dryer and I never imagined that I would ever find a dryer that I liked so much that I feel like using it often. It’s not laborious, it dries hair fast and it is so powerful. I only use it on low mode. It is very loud but what hair dryer isn’t? It’s quieter than my old one but still quite loud like any other powerful hair dryer.

The high setting is so strong. I doubt I will ever use it. After using it (though not often after years of air drying habit) I have had zero issues. Each use it gets easier to use as I get more used to it and more experience.

I highly recommend it. Like most GHD products, it’s very reliable and you get what you pay for. It’s come down in price since I bought it but it’s been worth every dollar.


Storenvy Shop Features!

I thought it was about time I got around to doing some features but this time I am featuring shops from which is filled with talented small businesses and lots of kind people!

First up is Tinkers Magical Junk Trunk See and click below to check out their store!

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Check them all out! There will be moreĀ featuresĀ later on! More talented stores and items to come!

More Concept Art Coming plus REVEIWS! (But mostly ramblings)

Adobe Photoshop Elements icon

Image via Wikipedia

So I’ve been thinking about putting together a bit of concept art video’s together. So basically more than one artwork in one video, but that’s IF movie maker doesn’t crash as much as it has been doing lately.

I am however going to record an event file sometime in the week just to avoid using movie maker. Speaking of which I have two freeware programs to suggest OTHER THAN GIMP! I know GIMP can be quite good, but these two are a lot better suited to anime/manga and various cartoon art and just about anything you want to draw with a paint feel to it. Google search Project Dogwaffle. I am certain it is one word. Now becareful with downloading it because of all the ads, but it is very good, quite easy and if you really like it the upgrade is cheap but the free version stays free. The other is opencanvas 1.1 if you haven’t already heard of it which would be a bit odd by now but some people don’t know of it. It’s really awsome to watch your art replay in the even file later ^^ I love to watch my sketches replay but it’s an excellent way to spot where I went wrong.

I really loved project Dogwaffle but I have such a heavy arsenal of digital art programs already that I really didn’t need it but I went through a phase of trying to find a program that go that wonderfully soft watercolour look that I loved so much. In the end, I settled for Opencanvas, paint tool sai and eventually I learned how to watercolour in photoshop though it is very hard and time consuming. I have tried Corel painter, was not for me and thankfully I tested the trial before considering buying it because it is expensive! So my last bit of advice, download the trial before you buy! I bought Photoshop Elements 7 convinced it was the one I needed… how very wrong I was, I needed CS for the art I do but silly me took the advice of the sales man who doesn’t do digital painting and went by the pictures on the back. I did however find a painting technique in ps7 but what I am saying is, you shouldn’t have to adapt to the wrong program. Now I’ve learned my mistake, I will get the trials first. It’s saved me a lot of money.

Like one time I used the Trail of Manga Studio and omg after 2weeks into it, it used up soooo much ram it lagged and crashed and I was considering buying it after the first two weeks but the fact of the matter is, I’m not a big time comic artist and don’t have an industry standard working station and I was heartbroken after that because the tones were so beautiful and clean. Then I saw illuststudio and I tried the out of date english trial, saw the video’s on youtube and now I am saving up to buy it from akadot retail because it does the same thing without eating your pc, plus the coloured tones has me rather interested. I’ve found out opencanvas, the newer ones also have toning capabilities but illuststudio is a lot better for it since it’s made to create manga. My main reason is that it’s a japanese software specifically made to make manga so they’ve thought of EVERYTHING! And it’s so much cheaper to buy that Manga Studio. I don’t know how successful people think most comic’s artists are these days because most of us just make webcomic’s now in the hopes that someone will read and enjoy it.

Anyway I am getting side tracked now so to sum everything up, I will be posting a drawing video soon. Remember that just because my art turns out nice in a program doesn’t mean it will be the same for you because we all make art differently so, try before you buy. And have a great time drawing!