Nikon B500 Macro

I decided to use the Macro feature on my new camera and I must say, I am impressed! I have never used macros before. In all honesty, when it came to cameras I had no idea what they did or what they were for and trying to read the manual about them made very little sense to me at the time.

Over the years as a digital artist however, I have become a lot more proficient in the terminology and how to find better information to explain things more clearly. From what I read in the manual for this camera, it was much clearer than ones I have read in the past about what macro is used for. This is the best setting for closeup photography. I tried the zoom with it out of curiosity and the focus went strange so it’s not a good idea to use zoom.

The detail however was very impressive. I only edited the colours slightly to change the overall mood of the photos.

2018-02-06 10.06.412018-02-06 10.06.27

I am thoroughly impressed. The Nikon B500 is a bridge camera and I wasn’t expecting the pictures to be this crisp. I love it. The more features I discover, the more I fall in love with it!

Landscape Photography

It’s been years since I’ve done any landscape photography. In the past I never edited my images other than adjusting the rotation. I used to wait for the right time of day, take a bunch of snaps and upload the best. However with the increase in photo editing and it’s colour correction capabilities I have started taking more photos. Even more so with a newer camera.

I am not a photographer. I am however a painter and every so often I like to take photo’s of things I might or definitely want to paint later. Sometimes I take a photo that looks great on the camera screen but once I get the files, everything is either hazey or dull. So today I have finally given in and used Lightroom to do some edits. I usually use Photoshop but like I said, I rarely need to make adjustments. Here’s what I’ve done so far.

2018-01-31 12.32.032018-01-31 12.32.032018-01-31 12.32.03-2

The first is the original the other two are two edits. I stopped here because I don’t know enough about Lightroom to make further edits and I don’t feel like going to crazy in Photoshop but it was interesting and there certainly are a lot of interesting tools to use.

New Camera

I recently bought through AfterPay a Nikon Coolpix B500 and I love it! I am not photographer, but I do like to have my pictures with the least amount of weird blurring as possible. I love it.

Yesterday we went out to visit some family and I took a few snaps of the land around us in the very late evening. It was about 6pm. In Summer here, the sun sets very late.

It’s a good beginner camera if you want to get into photography and it’s a great camera for ordinary use. But if you want to do complicated things, then I suggest either saving up or brushing up on your Photoshop skills.