Animation Recommendation

This is my personal recommendation. I just want to mention that this is my personal opinion from my own experiences. As a hobbyist animator I have tried almost every single animation program out there. I’ve always wanted to do classic frame by frame animation but doing it traditionally can be very expensive and I switchedContinue reading “Animation Recommendation”

Sonice Academy ANA- In LOVE! Plus Free Pressets

Well to sum up my experience I was so inlove on day one demo I bought it a few hours later 🙂 Money Well spent. Got it working wonderfully in FL Studio and I’ve made a lot of pressets already. One thing I want to say is for those dying for automation, use edison inContinue reading “Sonice Academy ANA- In LOVE! Plus Free Pressets”

Sonic Academy ANA Synth- Fixed The CPU Issue- ANA is Amazing!

A mastery in a title that sums up a post. I tried out ANA and had to buy it. I had it for one afternoon. It’s replaced Toxicbio hazzard for most parts. My only issue is crashing while going through the pressets but if you save in increments it’s not that bad. I saw in the forumContinue reading “Sonic Academy ANA Synth- Fixed The CPU Issue- ANA is Amazing!”