Growing Carrots

I’m going to grow cute carrots. You heard me. Cute carrots! Specifically Parisian MarketĀ carrots. Hopefully I will update this blog with photo’s to show it off as I go but if they don’t grow, then no updates. I’ve never had a huge amount of luck with carrots in the past.

The Chamomile Experiment Begins!

I’ve been waiting for two things to start: A bag of real herbal Chamomile tea, flower heads and all Spring to hit a bit harder Money to buy seedling trays so I can grow other things So I am declaring either today or tomorrow afternoon my official start to my experiment. I mentioned this inContinue reading “The Chamomile Experiment Begins!”

Lavender: Uses Beyond Scent (+ Mild Rant)

So because I have a love of herbs and herbal flowers, specifically tea flowers, imagine my surprise seeing lavender used in Tea. But not just any lavender, there are specific types of lavenders out there. I’ve specifically seen English Lavender and the dwarf variety and French Lavender used to make tea which is then alsoContinue reading “Lavender: Uses Beyond Scent (+ Mild Rant)”