RPG maker VX: Bigger Sprites Tutorial

RPG Maker VX

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Please go here for a visual tutorial. Today this one is words only.

  1. For bigger sprites in RPG Maker VX you will need to export one of the sprite sets provided as a sizing guide and in order for it to work properly when you import your own set.
  2. After you export, take it to photoshop or GIMP.
  3. Set up some guides based on the position of the original set to give you a size to work within without errors later when you import
  4. Change to RBG mode to use layers. Either make a new layer and discard the sprites so you can make your own or edit the current ones if you can’t draw very well though I recommend trying to make your own.
  5. Keeping constraint proportions ON resize the sprites.
  6. Save as PNG!!
  7. Import your larger sprites
  8. Change your character sprite to the larger one you imported
  9. In the editor preview the head will appear squished but don’t worry it is working.
  10. Test run the game to see your larger sprite in action.
  11. make sure to run up, down, left and right to make sure you did align it properly. If not then you will have little extras like the hair under the feet when it runs and you may have to go back and forth etc
  12. Enjoy!
And that’s all. Very brief I know but I don’t want to over explain it. Take it slow, you will get use to it. Have fun making new sized sprites and enemies of all¬†heights.

3 Posts Away From 50!

RPG Maker XP

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I may as well make my 50th post the clipping tutorial. It’s a bit lengthy but it’s more than one thing to use it for and boy is it useful! I use it for everything now. Textures, shading skin and hair, clothing ¬†and adding pretty lighting effects. Everything!

Also I’m going to add tutorials about RPG maker. Either XP or VX. I have both. Both of which I have managed to resize the sprites to something visible and both of which I have been able to up the overall appearance and qaulity instead of all pixel and I will share how later on when I have the time to cap it all.

Any request, drop a comment. Also one on drawing abs is lined up to be posted as well. I owe a friend or two that one ;D