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Forever I’ve been saying “I’m going to make a game!” Or “I’m working on a game!” Well after a lot of trial and error I settled down with Construct 2. GameMaker in the end just wasn’t for me. It’s drag and drop frequently didn’t work and didn’t make sense and I couldn’t make heads nor tails of the scripting language. I kept hitting a wall.

So far in Construct 2, I am very comfortable. I am looking forward to Construct 3 and there’s a number of features I am very excited about. I will continue to use Construct 2, especially considering that the new version will be subscription based.

So far I have successfully created items to collect, yet no scoring system or high score and health damage and starting the entire level. I would like to learn how to make a “respawn to last location” feature and a high score. I’m also still trying to learn a hearts style health bar.

I’ve made an awful lot of pixel art for it. A lot of the tilemap packs I gave away for free because I’ll be honest, I will never use them again. My style changes so often that I frequently move on to “something better”. I think I will for a long time until I find my comfort zone. I have decided to go back to raster and vector art for games though. I feel limited by my art style and animation.

Perhaps in the near future I can start sharing some screencaps. In the meantime enjoy this gif. And please consider the ugly art, is just test art to learn the program and get started. I also have yet to learn how to adjust the camera view.


Game Bug

I had to give up aspirations of making a game. Doing it solo, was far to hard. But I have an urge to try again and of course I will and I will certainly fail. My biggest issues are lack of knowledge and no scripting skills. I am still looking around all the time for a course on C# that’s either legit or all online but I can’t afford the ones I’d like to try such as or VTC. Maybe one day I’ll find a way to learn it.

Anyway, whatever I make will inevitably end up on here so stay tuned as I readventure my way through the pains of trying to make a simple game.

Today I Bring You Pixel Dolls FREE

So I have been thinking about making pixel dolls for a while now. Many like to draw on clothes and dress them or use them in games etc. I hardly ever see a buff guy though, usually a lot of seme and uke types for yaoi and shounen-ai pixel doll manga’s online. Or I see the skinny adorable ones for shoujo stuff. Anyway, all that aside I decided to make some for free and commercial use.

Steal the, eat them, whatever just have fun with them ^w^ Of course I would love credit where credit is due but it’s not necessary. Also I would absolutely adore to see what you can make with them! Also feel free to edit or alter in anyway you want. Chop of the heads and replace with a new one, whatever you want!

Before I forget I used GraphicsGale to make these dolls. I used the freeware version and turned the grid on and off to align everything. I tried to record it but I had no success. Great program btw. Excellent use for RPG Maker VX and XP. If I had $25 I’d buy the full program.























Help Launch ProjectTrinity’s Big Game

Help Launch ProjectTrinity’s Biggest GameImage By annria2002. Made for my game. I’ll be commissioning her for the entire game if we successfully fun this project enough.

Hello, everyone!

The link above leads to a crowdfunding project for our upcoming game called “Mesto Accelerando”. Crowdfunding is basically where supporters can spend money (even just a $1) in “fueling” someone’s project. In return, they get little goodies that, depending on the person, can be very personal or helpful while relating to the actual project. For this one, I’m offering soundtracks, albums, and even original composi

That thumb leads to the original journal. They’re working on what looks like a pretty awesome game and I’d love to see them succeed but it would be best if you visited the journal for the full info. Great art as well. It would be lovely if you guys could spread the word to :heart:

I’m willing to bribe you guys with free full scale commissions. I’ll do it if you donate or write up a feature journal. Endless slots. I’m not putting a limit but first come first served and I’ll put your name in this journal so I can keep track. If there’s no names then I’ll be a very sad panda T^T

RPG maker VX: Bigger Sprites Tutorial

RPG Maker VX

Image via Wikipedia

Please go here for a visual tutorial. Today this one is words only.

  1. For bigger sprites in RPG Maker VX you will need to export one of the sprite sets provided as a sizing guide and in order for it to work properly when you import your own set.
  2. After you export, take it to photoshop or GIMP.
  3. Set up some guides based on the position of the original set to give you a size to work within without errors later when you import
  4. Change to RBG mode to use layers. Either make a new layer and discard the sprites so you can make your own or edit the current ones if you can’t draw very well though I recommend trying to make your own.
  5. Keeping constraint proportions ON resize the sprites.
  6. Save as PNG!!
  7. Import your larger sprites
  8. Change your character sprite to the larger one you imported
  9. In the editor preview the head will appear squished but don’t worry it is working.
  10. Test run the game to see your larger sprite in action.
  11. make sure to run up, down, left and right to make sure you did align it properly. If not then you will have little extras like the hair under the feet when it runs and you may have to go back and forth etc
  12. Enjoy!
And that’s all. Very brief I know but I don’t want to over explain it. Take it slow, you will get use to it. Have fun making new sized sprites and enemies of all heights.

3 Posts Away From 50!

RPG Maker XP

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I may as well make my 50th post the clipping tutorial. It’s a bit lengthy but it’s more than one thing to use it for and boy is it useful! I use it for everything now. Textures, shading skin and hair, clothing  and adding pretty lighting effects. Everything!

Also I’m going to add tutorials about RPG maker. Either XP or VX. I have both. Both of which I have managed to resize the sprites to something visible and both of which I have been able to up the overall appearance and qaulity instead of all pixel and I will share how later on when I have the time to cap it all.

Any request, drop a comment. Also one on drawing abs is lined up to be posted as well. I owe a friend or two that one ;D