3D Fan Art WIP

I’m working on 2 fan arts. Both started in zbrush and only one has been moved to blender. I am a better sculptor when it comes to 3D. I can see to do everything but the face in Blender. Yesterday I took my model to topogun for retopology but it didn’t export correctly and the work I’d spent a few hours on was lost. Fortunately I found a video on how to do retopo inside blender and it worked great. Better than it use to so I managed to recover most of what I had done fairly quickly. At first I had the intentions of animating but now my only interest is posing for artistic rendering.

Snap 2015-03-17 at 11.30.14

The only parts I’m not looking forward to is the hair and clothing and even the eyes. I’ve always found anime eyes in 3D to be quite difficult. I won’t say who the fan art is of yet but I will be posting WIP’s along the way. Stay tuned!

The Last Two Days In Zbrush

I upgraded as soon as I found out that the latest Zbrush 4R7 was released and it is certainly worth all the fuss.

Previously, I had avoided any and all media during it’s pre-release incase I got too excited and ended up disappointed when I got it and I am glad I stayed away. Especially concerning a lot of the fan backlash that I still don’t agree with. I simply love it and it’s new features.

Anyway the day yesterday in zbrush I worked on getting use to the new box modelling. I felt stupid because I haven’t used it in months and I couldn’t remember how to smooth so I thought I would mention here for anyone new to zbrush or has forgotten like me, use the Deformation sub palette and use Relax on your box modelling work.

But I am so use to modelling in Blender that I switched to blender as usual and ended up importing my base mesh to play around with. I played around mostly and didn’t save anything. I also got reaquainted with skinning in zbrush.

I made a simple female face and exported it as an obj but I ended up doing nothing with it.

Today I only painted since I’m unwell but I hope to sculpt something. I have found that I can record my progress without crashing now thanks to the 64bit version. So hopefully I will have videos to go with tomorrows post