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Some of you already know that I have a blogger blog. After I finally earn enough to make the Adsense threshold I will be upgrading this blog. So in the meantime for updated art related posts please visit my blog on Blogspot aka Blogger.\

After the changes have been made, a lot of the posts on Blogger will be similar to the blogs here but I will keep blogger strictly art related. Posts on here though will start to include more reviews and rambles about various software’s I am playing around with.

DeviantArt is very much dead and there’s no such thing as feedback anymore so I have more or less stopped posting art entirely in favour of livestreaming. Considering this, I am also working on a way to livestream more efficiently on YouTube. Which is harder than it sounds since I seem to have a major issue with YT’s servers more than my internet connection itself.

I will either update this post some more or create a new one with my plans for this blog. I also have another WordPress blog and if you are following it, I am sad to say that I will be deleting it or renaming it. I want a place other than tumblr to post some fan art related works or fanfiction.

5 thoughts on “Blogger & WordPress

  1. I may be being silly, but is there a way or button to follow your Sketch Blog? I’d love to get email updates about each new post πŸ™‚

    • Not silly at all. Blogger removed that feature to be put in manually and since no one was using it, I left it off. I will add those in a moment so if the page is open please refresh in like 10 minutes.

      • Done! Thank you so much! If I don’t have the email updates, I tend to miss the posts πŸ˜₯ This way I stay really up to date πŸ™‚

      • Haha yeah me too. I have email subbed and WP followed you here. I tend to miss the updates when artists start bulk uploading. Two people bury my whole feed lol

      • Oh I know right, bulk updates and back posting tend to fill up my reader so things can get lost in there very quickly! And thanks so much for the follows πŸ˜€

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