Where Am I?!

I’ve been away because my family members are quite ill. But I’ve also been away because I’ve been rebuilding certain things. Things such as my website and reorganising it’s content and creating more videos. The only real issue is the frequent crashing. I’m hoping I can solve and fix it. Once I work around that, there will be far more videos.

I’ve also reset up my Patreon. And I am trying to add any interesting content that I can think of. In the past few years, it’s been extremely difficult to get it rolling because to be quite honest I don’t create fan art based content. It’s very difficult to compete when the only requests made are for existing TV Shows that would land me in hot water for copyright infringement.

For the few people that have pledged and helped me reach my small goals in the past, I will forever be grateful! I am sad that since the storm, the money spent on supplies was damaged along with the art that was made. But all is not lost. I’ve grown and changed so much that it’s probably better that I start off from the beginning over again any way.

Currently I am trying to generate any type of commission or pledge to replace my desktop PC and hopefully attain TVPaint for animation. One of the main reasons why I want TVPaint is because I honestly can’t keep subbing to Adobe products on and off and I nee something perpetual. Animation takes so long to make and even longer to composite that subscribing is not the most friendly option. Frequently me and other artists have been caught in that trap. You subscribe, it takes longer than expected and suddenly you haven’t touched After Effects in 3 months but you paid for 3 months usage.

So this is where I am at. I’m hoping I can fix this persistent crashing. I am mostly certain that it’s my graphics display that’s actually crashing. Frustrating when you are recording or trying to livestream.

I’ve also started up “Speed Animations” which is just basically a timelapse. People no longer use the term properly and so my videos can be found easily, I’ve more or less jumped on board with the naming.

Hopefully, my next post will have some videos in it!