Lemon Leaf Tea

Will looking up homemade multipurpose cleaner I wondered if I could do the same with lemon tree leaves. I already knew they were non toxic and I assumed they had all the goodness of lemons. Plus my tree has only just started to bare fruit. The fruit is far to young to pick. That’s how I stumbled onto posts about lemon tree leaf tea or lime leaf tea. I looked it up some more and did some research before trying it out

I was very pleasantly surprised. I would like to research it some more though. It tasted like lemon flavouring without any acidity or bitterness. It was very mild and very nice with honey.

I really enjoy trying out new teas like this. Especially natural tea or tea you can make at home. I plan to buy some dwarf fruit trees this year. Mostly orange, pink lady apple and a lime tree. I’m also sick of some of the rediculous prices. Having lived somewhere that use to grow oranges I know that quite often leaving them on the tree is like self storage. It feels as though it fruits all year round and I miss having that luxury of fresh non-chemically treated fruit.

Last year I got a food dehydrator and started making orange chips. I thought about it though and decided I’d rather be doing it with home grown oranges. Fortunately Bunnings still sells miniature fruit trees from time to time. They currently have a lime tree so that’s the first thing I’m going to buy this week.


2 thoughts on “Lemon Leaf Tea

    • You can keep these ones in a pot and never plant them. That’s why I’m getting them. If they stay in a pot they don’t grow taller than us. Got a max height of 150cm. My yard is mostly clay. Years ago I thought my lemon tree was stunted lol. But I found out it’s just a dwarf. Every now and then I worry that it’s a lime tree but after smelling and drinking the leaves I know it’s definitely a lemon tree. I want to try this drink with brown sugar next instead of honey.

      I also want to take photo’s but I badly need a new SD card and to find my camera first.

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