Just a bit of an update. I’m back in my busted home. It’s been patched up and deemed “liveable”. I want to move but other things have happened and I don’t want to go posting the details.

So, while I freak out, clean and sift through broken treasured items I’ve taken up growing plants in pots. It’s been soothing. A much needed distraction only this time I got things that are easy to grow, ok to forget about and are very hardy.

A few months ago I got French Lavender and it’s been flowering beautifully. It’s needed very  little up keep which is great because I’ve been known to forget to water my plants quite often. I also re-potted the new baby aloe from an aloe vera that was dying. Unfortunately for me the work men somehow smashed the concrete pot the original was in. It’s dying from I assume root rot and sunburn. But since I had the foresight months ago to grow a new one from a cutting, it’s healthy and was out of the way. He now lives on my porch. (I don’t know why my aloe is a he, it just is =P)

Next I also bought a new baby aloe vera from Bunnings. Mostly because I’m not 100% if my aloe is aloe. There’s some things about it that seem off to me but I’ve researched it thoroughly and I’m positive it is. But I’m also overly cautious.

Currently I’m on the hunt for both Roman and German chamomile. I don’t like how “pure chamomile tea” is often never pure. Or there’s just always something added to it. Worse yet, they use “flavouring”. I like the benefits of pure chamomile but for a plant that grows like a weed, the cost is ridiculous. So I thought why not grow and make my own?

For my birthday this year I finally got a food dehydrator and I started making mint tea. I love mint. I’ve grown it my whole life. My mum even taught me when I was very little how to tell if it’s mint and if I wasn’t sure, to ask her. I use  to eat it fresh straight from the bush. Always have.

When the tree was being cut up (it was a huge gum tree laying straight down the middle of my home). The enormous pot plant of mint I had was underneath. Plus basil. So, instead of moving our pots, the workers just left it there. My basil was 2ft tall and my mint over grown. In our yard mint has never grown. The dirt is dry or has to much clay and the poor thing could never get it’s roots to penitrate the ground. I was sooooo angry. It took me almost a year to get my mint to grow. It took me forever to find the right potting mix since our soil is bad.

When we came home I had come to find my mind was growing where it had the tree cut and land on it. Some how the roots had taken to the soil and it’s now a massive patch of mint. I don’t plan to move it. I’m thrilled it pulled thorugh and it’s nice and lush. It looks to be in an odd spot but who cares, it’s my yard right?

But my poor basil died. I’m still so upset. I spent forever trying to revive it and keep it alive and when I did I was so pleased with myself. What I had done when it was near dead and I had near given up. I put left over Okara (ground up soy from making soy milk) and watered it. Then the batch of soymilk it was made from, when it went bad I put it on the basil. I thought even if it dies, I can turn this pot into compost. 1week later my basil was a nice healthy dark green with leaves 3times the size it had been. I kept feeding it Okara once a week for 3weeks. It grew at least an extra foot producing leaves as wide as my hand. (I have small hands so it was like about 5-6inch leaves).

I recently bought a new basil. Same problem. Poor soil so I’m going to make soy milk and Okara just specifically for my basil so it can get some much needed nutrients.

And that’s basically what I’ve been up to inbetween getting my life back on track. I mean what a year right? Gum tree on my house, homeless, back home. I will admit, my first thunder storm back here scared the shit out of me. I mean after having a gum tree crash on your house in the middle of the night scaring the life out of you and getting out unharmed with your fam and pets (very lucky), of course I’m going to freak out a bit during storms. Luckily though there’s not more trees… well no big trees so it won’t happen again but I do get very anxious in storms now. But I know I’ll get through it.