Animating In Toon Boom Harmony 12: What It’s Been Like

Animating In Toon Boom Harmony 12: What It’s Been Like.


4 thoughts on “Animating In Toon Boom Harmony 12: What It’s Been Like

  1. I couldn’t comment on the blog itself, but wow! That is quite a journey you have been on! I love how at the end of it though you stress that it is all about finding out what works for you, so many people just try to shove thi gs down yojr throat!

    • Oh noes! What exactly stopped it? I think I have to reset rights because the spam has gone above and beyond rediculous now. Yeah it has and I didn’t even mention the rest of the software prior that was hell to use, like Digicel Flipbook. Also yeah I tried because really at the end of the day it’s just a tool. Sometimes it’s hard to find the tool that’s right for you. Def a comfort zone sort of thing but unlike so many other programs you’re also more likely to get hired if you have skills in Harmony.

      • It opened in the wordpress up but didn’t even have the option to comment 😦
        And sweet, haha I camnot imagine the list ir dun down of all the software you have tried throughout the years! It woukd boogle the brain.

      • I see that’s weird. Also LOL! There’s some I’m sure I can’t remember. Oh just talking about it now I remember creatoon and tupi and bleh corel painter. Those were pretty bad when you’re trying to learn. I’ve always done pixel animations in GraphicsGale though. I tried with photoshop but it’s hell. Hell I tells you! I seriously went around the world and back again for a digital answer. If I had the money I’d totally do it full traditional but who has the money for all that paper, ink and paint and plastic cel sheets and the camera. Noooo thank you.

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