Cleaning and Home Tips | Miwa Sketch

Cleaning and Home Tips | Miwa Sketch.


6 thoughts on “Cleaning and Home Tips | Miwa Sketch

  1. Oh I used the microwave one and it worked so well! I am also totally going to try the washing machine, epsom salt one! Thanks for this its a great list!!

    • I’m so glad you liked the list! And yes definitely try it! I’ve always used Epsom salts. I used commercial cleaner once. We broke out in rashes and burns and it didn’t even clean the bloody pipes! Total waste of water and time! I swear by epsom salts. Also really glad you tried out and liked the microwave tip! How good is it? I use to really hate trying to clean it but not so much so now that I have an easy way. I use to always forget about it until I read the back of the box recently. Bicarb really is a wonderful house asset to have. I keep at least 1kg in the house at all times for cleaning. This list will expand in the near future and I hope you’ll find it helpful then too ❤

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