Game Bug

I had to give up aspirations of making a game. Doing it solo, was far to hard. But I have an urge to try again and of course I will and I will certainly fail. My biggest issues are lack of knowledge and no scripting skills. I am still looking around all the time for a course on C# that’s either legit or all online but I can’t afford the ones I’d like to try such as or VTC. Maybe one day I’ll find a way to learn it.

Anyway, whatever I make will inevitably end up on here so stay tuned as I readventure my way through the pains of trying to make a simple game.

4 thoughts on “Game Bug

  1. Oh awesome, good to hear your giving it another shot.
    I don’t know about C# but when I was looking into Cg there was a lot of helpful free stuff about it on the internet.

    • Thanks ❤ And I think I will look harder. So far the best resource I found free was on channel9msdn with Bob Tabor. But I really need C# for unity. Fortunately last night after this post I found some good youtube videos on exactly that. I hope though that this time I can get somewhere with it.

  2. Oh sweet! I look forward to playing anything youmake! Also I willkeep my eyes peeled for any free online programming classes

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