Zbrush Update Plus…

Well my daily efforts are dead. The cause? The heat. Simply put. It’s been that odd heat where it’s not warm enough to put the AC but my laptop and tablet suffer. But I will make up for it and start to at least share screencaps.

I’ve decided as well to go back too tool tips and I’m going to start with Toon Boom. The biggest reason I am going to start with Toon Boom is so that if I forget again, I can come back here and re-learn from my own tips. I know it sounds funny but it’s no different to how we learned in high school. Learn something, write it down. I will most certainly be doing photo’s.

Among other things I need to clean up my work area and once I do, I will be doing a sewing walk through like I promised. But first I need a tidy desk and a cool room to do it in.

And that’s pretty much it. I’ve been slaving away learning 2D animation and 2.5D and I think I almost have the hang of 2.5D animation. I’ve mostly been struggling with animating the clouds scrolling by at a natural and peaceful speed.

I’ll also be picking up this old zbrush model and reworking it and hopefully finish it.

Render Test

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8 thoughts on “Zbrush Update Plus…

      1. Haha ikr! I will try not to complain since I get most of my work done in the winter but I’m kinda looking forward to this winter coz I plan to crochet and sew a lot of things.

      2. Yeah, know how you feel. I keep wanting to get my knitting needles out but its too weird to knit with sweaty fingers.

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