Delays In Posting

I’ll be blunt. It’s to hot to do what I promised. It’s summer here in Australia and it is either really hot or really humid where I live lately. It’s been so humid too that I can’t use the iron without sweating and frankly I don’t want to do that and sweat on the material.

When will you be updating?

  • When the weather cools and I have new needles

Will you share your patterns for free?

  • Yes, absolutely. My patterns aren’t fancy, they are very basic. Most people would be able to draw it for themselves. I will share a drawn out version that you could copy from or learn from. However, I can’t share one that is printable to scale but I can try. If I do make one to scale digitally I won’t be able to help you get it printed but I could recommend how to go about drawing it yourself on certain types of paper.

Will you be doing any video recordings of your work or tutorials?

  • No sorry. My camera desperately needs a new SD card and unfortunately it has a terrible mic. You’ll just have to live with photo’s or written descriptions but I do apologise for the inconvenience.

Will you be showing your dog modelling the clothes you make for her?

  • Absolutely! She loves her little clothes if they fit well. I recently learned what colours she hates which is funny. You can give her the same outfit in two different colours and the one she hates, she won’t let you put on but the ones she loves, she’ll lift her little arms ready to put it on. She’s so cute.

What will be the first pattern you will share?

  • Honestly I don’t know. It depends on what supplies I have at the time. My current plans are pomeranian sized dog pillow since she likes to use mine but can’t get her little head comfortable I decided to make her her own, pencil case, summer hats, kids hats and even a material basket or bag. It honestly depends on how much material I have and what I will be making. I will definitely be making a hoodie ready for winter but one that is long like a short dress and how to pinch in the hips to make it more flattering for the female figure.

So that’s what’s going on. Hope to see you guys around!

6 thoughts on “Delays In Posting

  1. It really is too hot to do anything! We need to become nocturnal in the Summer, kind of like hibernating in Winter but more gross and sweaty. I look forward to reading anything you post!! Can’t wait, esp if it means its going to cool down 😀

    • LOL yeah reversal hybernating. I vote going nocturnal in summer. It’s been rediculously hot in this house. Can’t get it to cool down either when the temp changes. The heat just lingers around for hours even with every window open. Also awwww thank you ❤ Same to you. Been loving your recent posts but haven't been logging in. I do hope you'll enjoy the sewing posts I have planned.

      • I second that vote, lol! And my house is the same, the heat just stays and when you finally open the door its a shock to realise that its cooler outside 😛

        And awwww, thank you ❤ And no worries about that, its just nice to know you're reading them 🙂 And I just bet I'll love them, lol I also plan on learning as much as I can!

      • I know right? Sometimes if husbum is home, we pull out the picnic table outside the door and eat outside it’s so stuffy indoors. Crazy that the heat just won’t move once it’s indoors. My old place was never like that.

        I enjoy reading your posts. I’m going to stop not commenting though. You’re one of very few non-drawing blogs I actually read and enjoy. Loved your tea posts btw. Also awesome! I hope you will enjoy it. I’ll share what I know. I have plans on making a hoodie that hugs around the hips a little for a comforting fit but long past ur butt for those really cold days where you just want to feel rugged up and cosy. I want it done before it gets cold lol

      • Naww its alright, just great to know you enjoy them 😀 Made my day!! And sweet!! That sounds like a great project!!!

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