Heads Up

Hopefully going to be making a new post today! Could be art, could be sewing. Who knows? Also I will start posting fanfiction again. If you’re clever you can find me ;D but if you really want to read, you’re best of noting me on DA.

My main post focus will likely be sewing. Some of you may or may not know but I make my own clothing patterns. I watched my mother for years and my aunty when they made clothes. I understand a lot of the ways you can make clothes and patterns. It’s all so interesting really and recently I started drawing up my own because a lot of what I want to make, there aren’t any patterns to do so. And then I thought, why not blog about it? It might help someone else do the same or figure out where they could go from there. So I’ll see you guys either in a few hours or a few days. It just depends on how busy I get.


4 thoughts on “Heads Up

  1. Oh wow! Thats amazing that you can make your own patterns!! I have no clue how to make, follow or even read patterns!!!

    • Yeah I am lucky. I started reading them when I was 10 and cutting them out when I was 12. I use to have a mini sewing machine. But it always busted lol. I also use to help mum pin them to the paper when she got tired. They can be as much fun as they are annoying lol. I hope I can show people soon but I’ve been busy.

      • Lol well I hope it will all be useful. There’s not really a whole lot of right or wrong ways to do it as long as you measure and do it in segments and make an inch or so for the seam, everything should be fine.

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