Washing Clothes Ramblings

Simpson EZI set washing machine really is superb. When we got it, I kid you not, there was no change in detergent but the clothes were noticeably cleaner! The whites were whiter. But it did make us all realise how slow and possibly insufficient our old machine really was. Which is something you don’t always consider.

I’m still getting use to it’s many modern features. Having to do less by bucket and and other hand washing methods. I love it’s pause button. I love the way it soaks. Our old machine just soaked for a full 30 mins and then carried on with the rest of the wash cycle. My Simpson, soaks for a few minutes and then agitates, then soaks and agitates. This makes more sense since that’s why I do with my hand washed items and why with my old machine wasn’t effective with soaking. I just didn’t bother to soak unless it was done manually but now I don’t have to worry.

It’s nice. We had our old machine for 10 maybe more years. All our washing machines have lasted us what feels like centuries so I was very out of touch with new washers. Over all I’m pleased and my clothes look like new all the time.