Household Cleaning Tip: Denture Pills

Even though this sounds strange it works. I thought where better to share than my WordPress blog. The other day I had to clean my range hood. You know those fans above your oven, they get pretty grimy. Well I got around to cleaning the fan cover. I had no baking soda. I tried soapy steel wool, didn’t work. Concentrated dish washing liquid, didn’t work. Let it sit in boiling water to melt of the grease. Didn’t work, just clung to it.

So I had an idea. Denture pills. You know the little foaming things you put in a cup with your false teeth? I grabbed a slip. I’ll have to pay my mother back later. I put in 5 pills because it was a fairly large fan cover. 20 minutes there was an improvement. An hour later the grime was gone. Rinsed it off and it looked brand new.

What lead me to this idea? Well it was my mother whom years ago use to use denture pills to clean out coffee stains in coffee mugs. Because it has a mix of things in it including a low amount of bleach. I remembered this and I am definitely going to use it more often in future.

This would indeed work on a rock hard grimey spot on tiles or bench tops, all you’d have to do is put a bit of water and sit the pill there and let it foam up. Leave it to sit and wipe away. But I really don’t recommend trying this on material or carpet. Since so many of them have bleach it could lift the colours right out.

So that’s my odd little tip for the day. 


4 thoughts on “Household Cleaning Tip: Denture Pills

    • Absolutely!! Let me put it this way, I once burned porridge to the bottom of a pot. I tried steel wool, the old rock salt method, every cleaning product, bleach and nothing worked, it just looked the same. I was going to throw the pot out, it was that badly burned. It was like a new layer of skin for the pot. I put denture pills in it, enough to get a good froth and my pot looks normal and burn free. It’s really good for stubborn things you can’t seem to get clean. I don’t know why it works though lol. Definitely try it out. The worst that happens is it smells good.

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