Sorry Readers

I’m sorry for not posting any new updates recently. I got hooked on my new blog FC2 which died out quickly. I’ll be back to posting more regularly soon but first I need to get better. I’ve been sick on and off and then busy studying various things. Mostly I’ve been putting my efforts in trying to learn a bit of python and understand Blender 3D better. I’ve also been learning Ren’py to try and make a visual novel. I gave up on rpg maker vx. It was fun but I found out quickly that my real interests lied with Visual Novels and I needed more control. The fact that ren’py requires coding drew me too it. At first I abandoned it immediately but I felt guilty, so I learned some basic python to try and understand where I was going wrong and then it clicked. Ren’py is surprisingly easy. Far easier than trying to make a VN (Visual Novel) in C++. I breifly looked at games made with C++ seeing how many people bragged about anything worthwhile is build in C/C++ and I must say that to do so would easily take 10 years. I don’t think people realise how much coding goes into making even the simplest game.

Anyway, when I come back I will be sharing various things in my posts. More storenvy features, things I’ve been cooking that are intersted and Webcomic updates! Also I may start taking art requests or art trades again but it will all have to wait until I am more ready and organised. But I shall be back!