Testing Illustrator CS6

Curiosity got the best of me. So I am about to test out Illustrator CS6. My sights are mainly on the gradient mesh tool. I’ve heard a few good things hear and there about the improvements of the tools and I’m curios. Vector art is something I keep picking up and abandoning as soon as it gets too hard. Something about not being able to smudge gets on my nerves. Probably because I’m more of a digital painter but still I love how crisp and clean vector art can be.

Inkscape is far out of my understanding. It’s so hard I can only manage to screw up so bad that nothing I do matches the tutorials at ALL! I’ve tried Illustrator, I forget about it often. Got use to it but then I took one look at CS6 and felt like I was at square one again. I’m not sure if I like the layout but I do absolutely hate the dark layout. I’m glad you can go back to the classic colours though. If I end up liking it I am thinking about getting a cloud membership.