Given Up On Autodesk Getting Use To Blender

Well as finances get worse and worse I’ve finally lost all hope on saving money towards getting Autodesk Maya. The prices seem to be getting higher and higher but what bothers me most is this:

Australian store Maya $6000-7000

USA store Maya $3000-4000


It’s now gotten so far out of my budget that Autodesk software officially costs more than a second hand car.

I’ll admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve used Blender but with the releases for 2.6 the navigation has gotten a lot more user friendly and easier to use. I never thought I’d get comfortable in Blender but I did. I managed to get cosy with it. And that was the final straw so to speak. Autodesk prices went to high and Blender became more efficient. Whenever my finaces improve I will surely be donating to blender and buying a few things on their store.

I use to find blender so hard to use. My biggest issue use to be getting textures to just do what I wanted but later I realised it was a bug. Now it’s gone far beyond my expectations. I also never thought that I’d fall in love with Blender but it’s happening. Slowly  but surely, I’m starting to love it and use it with more ease. However Metasequoia is still my modelling favourite.

Eventually when I get past the practising stages I’ll share something worth while and then when I get around to building my game I’ll post some screen caps of the progress here.


2 thoughts on “Given Up On Autodesk Getting Use To Blender

    • It most certainly is. I can’t help but feel that it’s profit motivated. I’ve worked out that I can use my toon boom studio as a really awesome special effects and camera with blender. I’m feeling more and more positive that I can do without it but I am still annoyed with the major price difference. More annoyingly is if you buy a US version you have to register it with a US resident so really unless you have a US address there’s no point in trying to purchase the cheaper version overseas.

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