Art Rage (not the program) And Discoveries

So, after a long time of painting I realised it was a one layer painting. I was somewhat enraged but fortunately it doesn’t matter to the person I am drawing for. I just get really annoyed when I want to go back and edit things and that kind of thing happens…

Anyway, as far as discoveries go, I FINALLY worked out how to rig in blender. I can rig in everything else but blender. I found out today that I was just missing one tiny yet important step and it was so simple to set up and now it all works! All this time I have been in the hair pulling out stage and the issue was simple. But then again I blame the tutorials for skipping such a basic step. It might be obvious to other beginners and intermediates but not to the very beginner like me. So there goes a lot of stress and not I can finally keep moving forward. It was definitely the big culprit in making me stop doing 3D. Maybe later in the week when I get the spare time I might build up a model and pose it.