I started on a new 3D face but this one is a more serious attempt and I am having loads of fun with it. I managed to to a snap off the current wip with a toon shade look in metasequoia. I used just the Rendering under File.

Pritti's face ref1 by *DraconianRain

Lashes by *DraconianRain
Second picture, still all in metasequoia is without toon shading. You can see all the spots I need to smooth out and fix. Those lashes were a test. I’ll make them more manly tomorrow. Been going on this face for 2 days now. Mostly happy with the nose. Annoyed with the cheek bones but I am trying at least.

Lashes1 by *DraconianRain

Here I added the eye colour texture and it’s kind of ok.
Face3 by *DraconianRain

this was an eyelash and running make-up test

Face34 by *DraconianRain

this was a lighting test to see if I could get that creepy it’s almost ugly look XD I just need to tweak those cheeks and get the jawline to sit where I want it to and then I can model the rest of the head <3.

Anime Elf Toon 21aq by *DraconianRain

Anime Elf Toon 21a by *DraconianRain
Anime Elf Toon 21 by *DraconianRain
Anime Elf Toon 2 by *DraconianRain

If you’re even just somewhat creeped out then my job is done. Just know this… not female or human 8D I have much to add and change. I can’t for the life of me get the skin colour I want but meh. Learning experience. Also the screencaps with the odd coloured bg was rendered in CelsView.
Ok so I’ve had this posted on DA for a long time. I felt like continuing the talk about it here on my blog. I think here is more appropriate and yes I directly copy pasted from my DA. Anyway, the model is Ashton. A vampire in gender limbo. I never made up my mind on the name or a gender. Sometimes I like him better as a him or a woman or even both. One day I will make up my mind. The make up however wasn’t meant to be make up but rather dark enough for me to judge where to paint in textures, shadows or things like that. I wanted to give him dark rings, light faded shadows on the eye lids and give a sunken look. I also wanted to add a few beauty spots as well but I never got that far. I did get to the hair stage and it’s just… horrific. No better word lol. I really need to practise modelling hair but all in all it was a successful learning experience.
Any of you metasequoia users? I’m a pretty big fan. Used the free one for a pretty long time now. On and off mostly. Also, if I mentioned it or not, super happy to have purchased the full version. It’s amazing and well worth the money.