Fractal Art- New Discoveries and New Love

Fractal Art

Fractal Art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I use to dislike fractal art for one reason. I couldn’t make it. I loved what others made with it. Fascinated. I hated my own because I didn’t understand it. I have always wanted to harness it for ghost stories and magic drawings. I have always wanted to use it with photoshop masking and clipping to put a cosmic looking artwork in a characters hair as if they held the universe within themselves. But I could never do it. Until I thought to look at youtube for tutorials and my problem was solved. So now I am making fractal brushes and fractal art while I am in a slump and to many things on my plate.

But now I am curious about others experiences with fractal art. What was it like for them when they first started and why they love it. It’s so attractive to see all those lights bouncing off each other into something pretty. For a few years now I have watched incredible art made with fractals and now I am finally a part of that group.

For anyone curious, I am using Apophysis.