Exposing wwinsoft8 on iOffer.com :)

Days like this, this is why I love paying only via PayPal. The site iOffer.com the seller refused a refund after I disputed the software sold to me was a crack with a folder clearly labelled crack. So that was it, that was the end, no refund and a one star rating of “so bad a buyer”. Ruining my 100% excellent fast paying buyer rating. Of course I retaliated with the truth, sold ilegal version and gave one star 🙂

Smug seller thinks they are safe from my wrath. I will have my money back. I contacted copyright@ioffer.com and if found to be true which it will, there’s a $200 or so fine plus more. Now, I know they won’t read my email as they ignored it before so I’ve taken it up with PayPal. If the seller refuses refund once more, PayPal will investigate the issue. Honestly I hope their account gets banned from using PayPal. If I wanted a crack I would have done it for free but I don’t. I expected a serial and working LEGAL program.

I don’t care if I have to contact higher, I’m getting my cash back.

If this has happened to you before on sites like iOffer that are kind of lax in buying security then never use anything other than PayPal because at least you have assured buyer protection. That is the good thing about ebay, as high the listing prices are, at least they will listen to a dispute and fix it up.