Ah what a wonderful start to the year! Things are looking up for me already and I had a wonderful start. A miserable ending with a beautiful beginning! I hope all of you are doing well in the new year!

This year is year of the Dragon which has me excited because I am year of the Dragon as well! I’ve also taken up a new business. Something I thought I never would turn into a business but it’s hard to find work and harder to work at home. Commissions have started up for me a quite a few have given me challenging art!

I’ve had terrible technical issues lately but I have had a request to make a room perspective tutorial. Something I spent so long to study the penny finally dropped and I can do them. So hopefully that is in the works. In the mean time check out a group on youtube called Manga Chasers. They have some pretty incredible tutorials on their channel.


5 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

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